Online Dating Done Better

Member Verification, Feedback and Coaching Make DateBetter the Better Choice

Tired of the wrong matches? Looking for a better way to date online? The DateBetter website brings you a new way to meet the person you’ve been looking for online, in a safe environment that takes the guesswork out of dating

From member validation to date feedback to expert advice, the DateBetter web site is a different kind of dating experience. My Datebook, for example, puts you in the driver's seat of your dating website experience. It allows you to:

  • Track the time and place of all your dates
  • Keep an online dating record of the feedback you’ve given and received
  • See a historical record of all your current and previous dates, both via video online and in person

So forget all those online dating attempts on other sites. We’ve designed the DateBetter site with you mind. Sign up on our web site for free and start dating better today!

  • You're safer. Security partners verify member identities on our site and profile pictures so you don't have to.
  • You give and get feedback. You'll learn how you perform on dates and get expert video advice online for improving.
  • You can video speed-date. Get to know people by video online before investing time and money on an offline date.
  • There's verification badges. You earn trust, and see the credibility of people behind each online dating profile.
  • There's a better compatibility checklist. Other websites provide matches. Here you get choices.